Blue Marlin

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 1/10/2013 11:44:19 PM


address 2500 Northeast 163rd Street, North Miami, FL 33160, USA
phone (305)-957-8822
email [email protected]">[email protected]


My friends and I got tired of the same old bars/clubs and just wanted a place to hang, chill and relax. It dawned on me as our Dragon Boat goes to Oleta River Park, we always end with a beer and some chill time from Blue Marlin.


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Blue marlin Guatemala april 2008

A great fight and unbelievable take where the Dorado hade alredy taken a life bate, the Marlin was fish nr. 3 to take the hook.

World Record Pacific Blue Marlin speared by Robert Arrington while freediving

While freediving 25 miles of the Pacific coast of Central America, Robert Arrington, encounters a very large and rather territorial Blue marlin... watch as s...

Blue & White Marlins on Dredge Cam

Last week on 7/18/11 I fished on the JUDGE we went 10 for 10 on White Marlin! And then on 7/20/11 I fished on the GUIDED DISCOVERY we ended up catching 1yell...

Massive Mako Shark Surprises Diver and Blue Marlin!

While on a Guy Harvey Expedition off Cat Island in the Bahamas, diver and shark expert Jim Abernethy was filming a blue marlin underwater when he got a surpr...

Amazing ship transport VEKA / Blue Marlin (part 1)

Arrival of the VEKA / Dockwise Blue Marlin transport at the harbour of Rotterdam Date: 20-3-2012 (short version) Filming / ed...