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address 1 Ferry Bldg Ste 10, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA
website https://www.miette.com/
phone (415) 837-0300
facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Miette/50272059150


When it comes to macarons (note: not macaroons), you can't beat Miette Patisserie, especially not at these prices. Consider that making these airy little sandwich cookies yourself might be the world's biggest pain in the ass, and then consider that you can buy them for less than $2 each, where they come in a nice waxed bag with a cute sticker. Buy four and they come in an adorable, elegant little box.


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Miette leaving...

WARNING!!!!!!! This video contains footage that some people might find upsetting and/or distressing. We need to share this video so people can see what DIPG ...


Recipes from San Francisco's Most Charming Pastry Shop Purchase at ChronicleBooks.com: http://www.chroniclebooks.com/index/main,book-info/store,books/product...

You're Doing It All Wrong - How to Frost a Cake

A hot cake plus cold frosting means cake death: soggy and ugly. Meg Ray, founder and owner of San Francisco's Miette patisserie and confiserie, explains what...

Brave Miette on a mission

A young Bayside girl struck down with a rare, incurable cancer is on a mission to collect as many letters from well-wishers as she can.

In loving memory of Miette Skiller; I won't say goodbye

On July 25th 2011 Miette was diagnosed with a terminal brainstem tumor called DIPG. She fought hard for 1 year, 8 months and 3 days, but sadly lost her battl...