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You know that 'go to' restaurant that's always in the back of your mind when you're trying to figure out where you want to get a bite to eat? Well that restaurant is Dish for me. It doesn't mean I always go there, but it's always up for consideration.


YouTube Videos

These are Dish videos from YouTube where they have either been tagged or have mentioned Dish in their title, tags or description so if you want your videos to show up for Dish using your YouTube account, just mention Dish in your title, tags or description.

DISH//「ギブミーチョコレート!」MUSIC VIDEO

DISH// 3rd Single 2013年2月13日(水)発売決定!! 前山田健一さんプロデュースの季節感たっぷりの楽曲を発売!さらに、カップリングには私立恵比寿中学「ザ・ティッシュ~とまらない青春~」カバー曲を収録。その名も「ザ・ディッシュ ~とまらない青春 食欲編~」!? [収録曲] ギブミーチョコレー...

DISH Hopper Demo

SatelliteGuys.US give you a in depth look at the new DISH HOPPER system by the new DISH (DISH Network) The new HOPPER is the first DVR to give you PRIMETIME ...

DISH//「ピーターパンシンドローム」MUSIC VIDEO

10月10日(水) DISH// 2nd Single 「ピーターパンシンドローム」 ローソン・HMV限定で発売!! 「説明しよう!ピーターパンシンドロームとは成長することを拒む男性を指す言葉として定義されている!」 DJ のはずが何故か鼓を持って登場!!PV は壮絶枕投げ大会!!思春期大暴走のアゲアゲソング...

The Dish Trailer

Here is some highlights from the great australian film The Dish It is a date that will be remembered for all time. July 20th 1969 the day man first set foot ...

The Dish

A comedy, "The Dish" tells the true story of a group of Australian scientists manning a remote satellite dish who, much to NASA's concern, are the only hope for receiving the historic images of Man's first steps on the Moon. With help from a colorful cast of local characters, the Dish's crew struggles to overcome a series of mishaps to play a part in one of Mankind's greatest triumphs. An audience favorite at the 2000 Toronto Film Festival, "The Dish" star.