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I moved away from Chicago about 8 years ago, and was back in town for a work conference. I ventured out on a blizzardy miserable February evening, and sat at the cozy bar away from the cold and had an amazing meal!


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Matthias Merges / Yusho

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Mazda MX-5 Yusho | Mazda Deutschland

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Harumafuji Zensho Yusho Aki 2012

Harumafuji Zensho Yusho Aki 2012 All 15 bouts 1.Aoiyama 2.Aran 3.Shohozan 4.Kaisei 5.Tochinoshin 6.Homasho 7.Gagamaru 8.Myogiryu 9.Toyonoshima 10.Takayasu 11...

Harumafuji yusho highlight Sumo Hatsu basho January 2013

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