Tortilla Cafe

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address 210 7th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003, USA
phone (202) 547-5700
email [email protected]">[email protected]


I'm a big fan of Tortilla Cafe because it offers carefully prepared, well seasoned food for reasonable prices. It's really the only reasonably priced restaurant I have found in DC. I' also think that Tortilla Cafe is highly underrated by patrons of Barracks Row and Eastern Market who are often drawn to glitzier places or big box restaurants.


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Tortilla Cafe Tortilla Café offers real authentic ethnic Latin American cuisine from El Salvador and Mexico.

One and a Half TV Show: How to Prepare Tamales

Diane visits Tortilla Cafe in Capitol Hill, Washington DC. She tries to get the secret with Catalina how to make their special Tamales!

Tortilla Cafe Centrs

Tortilla Cafe Centrs.

Mi Tortilla Cafe & Bakery - Jourdanton, TX

Mi Tortilla Cafe & Bakery 830-769-3210 http://www.mi-tortilla-cafe-bakery-glsvy...