10th Ave Burrito Co

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address 817 Belmar Plaza Belmar, NJ 07719, USA
website http://www.tenthaveburrito.com/
phone (732) 280-1515
facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/10th-ave-burrito-co/62449939222
twitter http://twitter.com/10thaveburrito


Went on a Saturday night as a party of two and the wait was about a half hour and even managed to score a seat outside. (I like that they had mini fans on the ceiling of the exterior that faced each of the tables.) The place has a fun vibe, very cool art and an extremely nice and helpful staff.


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10th Ave Burrito Co.

Belmar, NJ. Featured on Diners Drive-ins & Dives ~ Pork Mole and Wings with Adobo Sauce.

10th Ave. Burrito Co.

10th Ave. Burrito Co. on Diners, Drives & Dives featuring Pork Mole´ & Chicken wings with homemade adobo sauce!

10th AVE. BURRITO CO. (commercial)

817 Belmar Plaza. Belmar, NJ. 07719 732-280-1515 Take Out! Delivery! B.Y.O.B. www.tenthaveburrito.com www.facebook.com/jbmorbid.

10th Ave Burrito Company

Sounds like good food in Belmar, NJ.

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