Merritt Canteen

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created on: 1/15/2013 12:54:31 PM


address 4355 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT 06606, USA
phone (203) 372-1416


Gata love the Merritt Canteen, this place has a lot of history, started and stayed in Bridgeport, CT there's a reason the lines are long...the food is good. They have all the good ol fashion stuff, hot dogs hamburgers/cheeseburgers great fries, oh yea PEPSI :D haha, and some other stuff like fish and chicken but I've only ever craved their cheesburgers and hot dogs and fries, this place is about speed also the way their cashiers take orders and the whole system to me is really neat. definatly look to stop by when you're runnin down the merritt parkway they arent' far off the highway and easy to get to


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Merritt Canteen - Fully Loaded (from Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives)

A local Bridgeport burger joint gets national attention in this segment from the Food Network's popular show.

Merritt Canteen Bridgeport CT

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Merritt Canteen Jingle

Pick Me!!!! "Merritt Canteen, started in 42' A tiny little shack, serving dogs, burgers, seafood, rings or fries, whatever you please, get ready for the chil...

MERRITT CANTEEN song contest entry

Special thanks to Bridgeport's Merritt Canteen for feeding me and giving me some extra time past the deadline to post this! Stay hungry, Park City.