Alla Spina

created by: Joe Foodie

created on: 10/2/2013 10:40:19 AM


address 1410 Mount Vernon Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA
phone (215) 600-0017
email [email protected]">[email protected]


Great place for a happy hour! I was here for a special charity happy hour hosted by the Garces Foundation and had a great time. Their beer selection is great! I enjoyed a German house brew and snacked on some appetizers. The small soft pretzels served with a cheese beer sauce and french fries are both pretty amazing! The menu is diverse but I stuck with the happy hour special. The service is very friendly and the atmosphere is really chill and welcoming. Its a really nice casual bar with funky decor. Some of the walls are covered with graffiti which adds an artistic flare to the setting. The artist most be the same one who did the wall at Graffiti bar at Sampan(same owner as Alla Spina) because it has the same style to it. I'll def. be back again!


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Alla Spina live at The Brewery Byron Bay

Alla Spina performing at The Brewery, Byron Bay, Jan 2013 Set List: Get Your Rhythm Right 0:00 Tony 2:35 No Rest For The Wicked 6:25 Scream 11:15 Montezuma 1...

Talking Italian Craft Beers at Alla Spina w/ Steve Wildy

Vetri Family Beverage Director Steve Wildy tells us what makes Italian Craft Beers unique, plus demystifying the "Ode to the Publican."

Alla Spina live at The Obi Obi Hall

Alla Spina performing at Emily's 21st in Obi Obi, QLD Set List: No Rest For The Wicked 0:00 Scream 4:13 Obrigada 7:35 Tony 11:35 New York State Of Mind 15:15...

Come aprire un negozio "alla spina"

Paolo Boni e Emanuela Ferrari spiegano come aprire un negozio di prodotti alla spina.

Pesonetto Pesaro - il negozio alla spina.

Pesoetto Pesaro - Il negozio alla spina.