Lauer Krauts

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address 26 S 6th Ave, Brighton, CO 80601, USA
phone (303) 654-9700
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I grew up eating bierocks, and these are close. They are quite peppery, and I love pepper. They are not as good as what I grew up with, but they do the trick considering how much work it is to make them from scratch.


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Diners Drive Ins and Dives: Lauer Krauts

Diners Drive-Ins & Dives: Lauer-Krauts

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Expert WK verslaggever van der Leeden

Expert WK verslaggever van der Leeden 281.

"The Chicken Dance" Interpreted by The Cali Krauts.

The California Celts Perform the Chicken Dance at La Quinta at a private Country Club.