Harvey's Hot Dogs

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 1/14/2013 8:05:42 PM


address 3205 Stamford Road, Portsmouth, VA 23703, USA
phone (757) 483-0613
facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Harveys-Hot-Dogs-II/145638025493944


My family has been going to Harvey's Hot Dogs ever since I was a little kid. In fact, my mother and Harvey went to high school together, we've pretty much always known him. I know that he is leaving Harvey's Hot Dogs soon and I am not sure if it is going to stay the same place but I'm going to put in my two cents anyway.


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Pub 80: Harvey's hot dog

des hot dog chez Harvey's avec de maudits beaux cornichons de 1985.

Big Hot Dog on The Steve Harvey Show

Creator of the Big Hot Dog, Dan Abbate, takes some Big Chicago Dogs on the Steve Harvey show.

Harvey, The Hot DOG Mascot!

I am Harvey, Nathan's official Memorial Day Barbecue, Hot Dog Mascot. I am all fired up over this. A man and his wife were Barbecuing, The man says to her. "...