Rincon Criollo

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created on: 1/15/2013 9:18:26 PM


address 40-09 Junction Boulevard, Queens, NY 11372, USA
website http://www.rincon-criollo.com/
phone (718) 639-8158
facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rincon-Criollo/246125053343
twitter http://twitter.com/rincon_criollo


Not that I want to ruin my image as a sophisticated gal, but this is the kind of place where you shovel in the food and you have to be careful because if you over shovel, you may not be all that happy.


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Celia Cruz"En Rincon Criollo"

En enero de 1951, la reconocida orquesta La Sonora Matancera grabó su primer disco con Celia Cruz. En aquel momento comenzó el ascenso al estrellato de "La G...

Casita Rincon Criollo

As we approached Casita Rincon Criollo in our little bus, Hernandez improvised a decima (sung poetry) that brought tears to my eyes. This day was the culmina...

Blanquita Amaro en "Rincon Criollo"

Reparto (Reconocido emitidos)" Rincón Criollo" Blanquita Amaro resto del elenco en orden alfabético: Fernando Albuerne ... Cantante Yeyo Arias Néstor de Barb...

Rincon Criollo surprises Erwan for his Bday

Props out to Erwan and the crazy guy in the hat at Rincon Criollo.