Peter Chang China Cafe

created by: Joe Foodie

created on: 12/18/2013 3:40:17 AM


address 11424 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23230, USA
phone (804) 364-1688
email [email protected]">[email protected]


I don't understand when people say this is a small restaurant. This is a regular sized restaurant. No, it's not a two story PF Chang's, but just a normal restaurant. We liked everything we had but wouldn't necessarily repeat it. We got some very spicy beef appetizer, that tasted like firey beef jerky. We got some dried spicy chicken and kung pao chicken. Something like kung pao chicken can drive me crazy because when it's done well it is so delicious, but so many places do a terrible job. Obviously, Peter Chang's did a tremendous job. I think this was my last time getting that dried spicy chicken because I just don't love the texture (or that it's so spicy you can barely eat it). But if you love flavorful spicy food- that's your dish! We will be back try the smoked duck!


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Peter Chang's China Cafe

We enjoyed a night out for some good food, so if you are in the Short Pump area, this is as good as it gets for Chinese it gets in town.

Peter Chang's Cafe Grand Opening in Richmond, Va

Peter Chang opens up another stellar restaurant in Richmond, VA and show cases his talents for a select group of chefs, writers, and chines food connoisseurs.

Chinese New Year Celebration at Peter Chang's China Grill

Peter Chang's China Grill invited special guests and clients from Richmond and Charlottesville to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

James Beard Foundation Presents: Chinese New Year Celebration with Peter Chang

The James Beard Foundation in NYC hosted Peter Chang and his chef team, along with Andy Reagan of the Jefferson Vineyards Winery.