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created on: 12/20/2013 4:23:19 PM


address 2 Division Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA
phone (201) 216-0050
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I grabbed the pulled pork and cole slaw from their stand Thursday night at Grove St to make a quick dinner of sandwiches and found them both to be very tasty, the pork was very moist and flavorful. I will definitely give more of their food a try. Everything else looked delicious (the kebabs looked really good) and they give you plenty of food for the price. At first I was a little worried that a platter for $12 they might skimp on the portions (which I have found was the case with some of the other food vendors during the market) but there was one container filled with pork and the other half filled with cole slaw. Plenty for dinner for two of us!


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