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address 25 West San Fernando Street, San Jose, CA 95113, USA
phone (408) 283-9595
email [email protected]">[email protected]


For a city of San Jose's size, it takes a bit of scouring to find foodie places. Mezcal makes my list. It's regional specific (Oaxacan) so moles highlight their menu. Other entrees, such as the Tlayuda, are also uniquely Oaxacan and very tasty. I actually prefer them to moles, personally. I'm not kidding about that Perfect Margarita. Holy cow. It's a good thing that tequila is not my cryptonite. Balanced, full bodied, not syrupy in the least, and freshly lime-orange in flavor. Good place for a date or small group. The patio is excellent for larger groups, especially at lunch.


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whisky review 266 - Mezcal Del Maguey Chichicapa

a hugely flavourson traditional Mezcal from one single village source.

Cooking Maguey for Mezcal Real Minero, Oaxaca, Mexico

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