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address 575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA
phone (718) 858-4086


My first time was magical. Did not expect it to be that damn good, but it was. So darn freaking good. That was almost a year ago, so this past Sunday I decided it's been long overdue to pay this place another visit. Drove there, found parking immediately right around the corner! If anyone knows how hard it is to find parking in that neighborhood, you would be giving me a pound. Got out of the car with my two bottles of wine, approached the shop and guess what!


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Lucali's Pizza, Brooklyn - Watch Out DiFara's

So yeah, we went, we ate and we loved it. The crust was charred on the edges in a good way from their brick oven. It was a slightly undercooked, chewy, but s...

Best Pizza Experience - Lucali

2008 Slicey award winning pizza joint.

Lucali's Pizza

A quick profile of Lucali in Brooklyn, NY.

Harlem Shake LucAli

Grabado el 10 de marzo de 2013 durante la celebración del cumple de Gus. Vendrán otros!!!


Making Pies at Lucali, Miami beach.