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I guess I can't really say that this place is a hidden gem any more, because it gets busy like almost every night. But seriously if you don't mind humping it over to Highland Ave. go to this place. I've never once had a bad meal here, and I've eaten here a bunch.


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Highland Kitchen - Somerville, MA (Phantom Gourmet)

Phantom counts down the 8 greatest places for French Fries, including Pier Fries in Old Orchard Beach, ME, Highland Kitchen in Somerville, Raising Canes in B...

Joe McGuirk of Highland Kitchen makes Gansett infused cocktail Costa R.I.

Joe from the Highland Kitchen gives proper instructions on how to make a Costa R.I. using Narragansett Lager. Mighty tasty.

Rift Performs at Highland Kitchen!

Carlos's last hurrah.

110101 Eating Mussels at Highland Kitchen

Kate enjoying the mussels at Highland Kitchen on New Years Day 2011.