Amy Ruth’s

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address 113 West 116th Street, New York, NY 10026, USA
phone (212) 280-8779


Been here a couple of times, never let down. Growing up on southern soul food this always hits the spot when I'm home sick. Real casual, relaxed spot for some good food. As soon as you seat you're brought a basket of cornbread. I've tried different plates. The fried fish is amazing -- seasoned with good crisp & flakey inside. Mac&cheese is yummy. This time got "The Ludacris" (4 fried wings) with candied yams & collard greens. The collards are made with turkey which is great since they're my favorite "side" & usually made with pork. My bf got the buttered salmon with collards & red beans + rice which they demolished, lol. We took peach cobbler home & can't wait to warm that up. It was a Sunday around 6ish & we were seated right away. Server was very attentive & just a good place to eat. Like lots of Harlem now, there were some gentrification in the midst but they were playing oldies which evened out the feels.


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Benny's Jazz Sundays @ Amy Ruth's Horace Silver's Mexican Hip Dance

Hard Bop Survivors playing the forever hip Mexican Hip Dance at Amy Ruth's world renowned Harlem soul food restaurant. Performing beautifully are Patience Hi...

Benny's Jazz Sundays @ Amy Ruth's - Horace Silver's Que Pasa

Hard Bop Survivors - James Zollar Trumpet, Patience Higgins Tenor Sax, Marcus Persiani Piano, Paul Beaudry Bass, John Cooksey Drums.

Black Wall Street HARLEM at Amy Ruth's, 7.11.13 Part 1

Black Wall Street HARLEM at Amy Ruth's, 7.11.13.