Idle Spurs

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address 690 Old Hwy 58, Barstow, CA 92311, USA
phone (760) 256-8888
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My work brings me to Ft Irwin maybe one or two times a year. I decided to take a chance and eat at this restaurant. The trip is about 3 miles off US 15 but it was really worth it. The trip there and the first impression if the outside was not impressive but that all changed when you walk in. It was like stepping back into the 70s and expecting Dean Martin to greet you, but still a modern restaurant at the same time. The atmosphere was amazing and the wait staff was very friendly and quick. The food came out fast and cooked well. I ordered the ribeye steak. Baked potato, and a salad. The salad was brought to us and prepared in front of us. The steak was cooked to order and tasted amazing. The same cook has been there for 35 years. A slice of yellow squash grilled and seasoned came with the meal and it was amazing The place filled up quick while we were there with plenty of locals and it's along the famous Route 66 We will Definitely eat there again


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Idle Spurs (Original Song) Steve Piffer

Idle Spurs (Original Song) Steve Piffer.

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Chris & Anna's Wedding - 4/2/11

Chris & Anna's Wedding Saturday, April 2nd, 2011 Idle Spurs Ranch Marietta, GA.