Weeping Radish Farm Brewery

created by: Rickster

created on: 1/15/2013 10:37:53 PM


address 6810 Caratoke Highway, Grandy, NC 27939, USA
website http://weepingradish.com/
phone 252-491-5205
email [email protected]">[email protected]
facebook https://www.facebook.com/WeepingRadishFarmBrewery
twitter http://twitter.com/obxbeer


Welcome to the Weeping Radish Farm Brewery Corolla Gold, IPA, OBX Beer & Our Famous Black Radish! Weeping Radish is featured Jan 14th on Diner Drive Ins & Dives on the Food Network!


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Diners Drive Ins and Dives S16E05 - The Weeping Radish, Grandy, NC

This is the true definition of farm to table, a model I would like to emulate in my own future restaurant. When I saw this the first time, I was mesmerized. ...

Episode #27 - Weeping Radish Farm Brewery - Black Radish Dark Lager

Will the Black Radish Lager out of the Weeping Radish Brewery down on the coast leave the NCBeerGuys crying in their beer or will they come to appreciate the...

Flavor, NC! | Weeping Radish Brewery & Butchery | UNC-TV

www.flavornc.com | Weeping Radish is the oldest microbrewery in North Carolina. Originally located in Manteo, the operation moved to Currituck County in 2006...

Episode #51 - Weeping Radish - OBX Kölsch

Today we raise a mug to the folks down on the Outer Banks and try OBX Kölsch out of The Weeping Radish Brewery, the oldest microbrewery in North Carolina, lo...

Weeipng Radish Butchery

Uli Bennewitz giving samples of freshly made Sweet Potato Liver Pate.