Memphis Street Cafe

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 12/3/2012 7:11:40 PM


address 2476 Memphis Street, Hernando, MS 38632, USA
phone (662) 429-9299


I dined there on a busy Friday evening. The food was very good. The service was fine at our table, but one of the servers was running around almost manic. She was our "cashier" and was so frantic that she was a little rude when I didn't talk fast enough when I was telling her what I had...she was in such a hurry to serve others that she was kinda rude to some of us. For the food, it's definitely worth another visit! For the service, not so much.


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Great group at Blues City Cafe, Beale Street, Memphis.

Blues City Cafe, Beale Street, Memphis. I stopped recording just before the end. Sorry about the bad camera work, I was kind of rocking out the whole time!

Old Time Rock And Roll - Live Rum Boogie Cafe Beale Street Memphis USA

Fantastic band in the Rum Boogie Cafe Beale Street Memphis USA on 18th May 2011.