Chicago Brauhaus

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address 4732 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625, USA
phone (773) 784-4444
email [email protected]">[email protected]


Ya know that movie Beerfest? KC tried to watch it on HBO with some girl he was "dating" but we chose to have Sexfest instead. Later on, he actually watched it. How it didn't win an Oscar, KC will never know. (KC should have also won an Oscar for his sexing of that girl but we'll get to that another time)


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Crazy Dance at Chicago Brauhaus 03 24 12

Here's Gody Windischhofer at the Chicago Brauhaus trying to teach the folks, including Mary Ellyn, Judy, and Dan, some crazy dance.

Luke Grüner At The Chicago Brauhaus

Luke Grüner (German For Greener) went to The Chicago Brauhaus during Oktoberfest and decided to partake in a Bitburger or two... What the rest of the Grüner ...

Dancing at the Chicago Brauhaus

Mike's birthday party, 4/21/07.

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