Mollys Cupcakes

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 11/21/2012 10:12:32 PM


address 2536 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614, USA
phone (773) 883-7220


I am a huge fan of their peach cobbler cupcake (hearing it/reading it/seeing it just makes me wanna dance in place!) and cookies & cream is also delicious (from what I hear). My friends have also ordered their red velvet and strawberry shortcake cupcakes... and I've been told they are "musts."


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Molly's Cupcakes' Cupcake Wars Promo

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Molly's Cupcakes, Chicago, IL

Find out who Molly is, who bakes the cupcakes and where the profits go. Also, meet the founder, John Nicolaides, and some of Molly's regular customers.

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