Cupcake Stop

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 11/23/2012 2:11:52 PM


address 47 W 20th St, Manhattan, NY 10010, USA
phone (973) 744-2400
email [email protected]">[email protected]


Cupcake Stop was one of the first mobile cupcake trucks in the city and now operates a fleet of trucks in various neighborhoods. Locations and times vary, as do menu offerings. I'm a fan of Cupcake Stop, because it is constantly reinventing its menu and surprising customers. Most adorably, it offers specialty cupcakes on holidays and during important historic events. For example, it celebrated marriage equality in New York by baking up and offering the cupcakes pictured above.


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Cupcake Stop uses ThinkPad Edge

The first mobile cucpake store in NYC is using the ThinkPad Edge to run the business.

how make cupcake ? - stop motion ... إعداد / ساره الصرامي

فلم يوضح طريقة صنع الكب كيك وهو عبارة عن صور فوتغرافيه ملتقطه بشكل متتابع بطريقة stop motion , من إعداد : ساره مبارك الصرامي جامعة ألأميرة نورة بنت عبدالرحمن.

Adventures of Jay & Linguini - The Cupcake [Stop-motion Birds Ep.1]

Hey Internet! Thanks for watching my video! I got inspired to make this video at 4am last Friday, yea i know im cool... so yea its a really quick video. More...

Cupcake Stop Motion

Mi primer stop motion oficial :) wuju @AnnthHM.