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address 105 Northeast 3rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33131, USA
phone (305) 577-3454


One of the many reasons I miss leaving Miami, this place has the most amazing Civiche I have ever had. Amazing prices, value and service A++.. My two fav Civiches are the yellow colored ones , lol as weird as that sounds they taste amazing. Also the Passion fruit and chocolate mousses are a must.


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Juan Chipoco & CVI.CHE 105 / Reportaje ¡Ay, que rico!

Natalia Barreto en un reportaje sobre "Un dia en la vida de Juan Chipoco", el dueño del mejor restaurant peruano en La Florida, CVI.CHE 105, para el programa...

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Cvi. Che 105 in Miami

Chef/Owner Juan Chipoco Prepares his Seafood Orgy Ceviche.

CVI.CHE 105 - Halloween 'Misti' Cocktail Teaser

CVI.CHE 105 - Halloween 'Misti' Cocktail Teaser.