Carver's Country Kitchen

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 12/5/2012 6:18:44 AM


address 1118 West Marietta Street Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30318, USA
phone (404) 794-4410


If I lived in Atlanta, I would be at the place a couple times a week. Wish there was soul food like this in Texas but I'm sure I would be overweight so maybe it's a good thing. They're opened from 11-3pm and on the outside it might not seem like somewhere you'd want to eat but TRUST me, this place is soooo worth it.


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Carver's Country Kitchen on Get Delicious! Atlanta's Hidden Restaurant Treasures

Robert and Sharon Carver start cooking everyday at 4am to provide you with one spectacular lunch. They're open Tues-Friday between 11am and 3pm but come earl...

Cooking with Coke at Carver's Country Kitchen

The Coke Conversations team interviews Sharon Carver about Carver's Country Kitchen, and the items on the menu that they cook with Coke. Fried Chicken is the...

Country Cooking in the ATL

CNN's Jim Spellman takes to some down-home cooking at Atlanta's Carvers Country Kitchen.

Carvers Coca-Cola Cake.wmv

Sharon Carver from Carver's Country kitchen demonstrating how to make her famous Coca-Cola Chocolate Cake.