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Mt. Angel Sausage Company

Once again, this place has outdone itself. The food is amazing and the service is even better. These guys (and ladies) are so damn friendly. It makes the drive down from Portland absolutely worth it.

Restaurant Information

-address: 105 S Garfield Street, Mt. Angel, OR 97362, USA
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-phone number 503) 845-2322 phone number for Mt. Angel Sausage Company”)

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title: Mt. Angel Sausage CO Video | Pub in Mt Angel
description: Tony & Nellie Klasen immigrated to the US bringing their ol…

title: Summer dining at Mt. Angel Sausage Company
description: Whist dining on delicious sausage and fries on the porch outside Mt Angel Sausage Company, expect to hear accordian music and if you’re lucky, hear the PR di…

title: Before the flame
description: Nathan Peterson just before the mount angel sausage company 4 alarm challenge.

title: Killer Dave Surprises Drew Carney!
description: On February 9th, Drew Carney visited Mt. Angel Sausage Company and received a Killer surprise from Dave–a 4-alarm “Firehouse” brat on a specially-made Rocki…

title: Four alarm challenge
description: Nathan Peterson attempting the four alarm challenge at the mount angel sausage company.