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Fat Head’s Saloon

Fatheads, I’m officially in love with you! Having relocated from Buffalo, NY, I’ve been searching for good wings. I never thought it would be such a hard task. When I was lamenting over the lack of a good wing, my coworker recommended Fat Heads. I may have to kiss him tomorrow. Ok, maybe not, but they officially have the best wings I’ve had outside of Buffalo. First, they actually call them wings. Just wings! They serve them with blue cheese, celery and carrots! And they are plump in size and cooked with a nice crisp.

Restaurant Information

-address: 1805 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203, USA
-website https://www.fatheads.com/
-no email address available if you know it and want to help out let us know
-phone number (412) 431-7433 phone number for Fat Head’s Saloon”)

Social Media for the Fat Head’s Saloon Restaurant

-facebook https://www.facebook.com/FatHeadsPGH
-twitter http://twitter.com/FatheadsPGH

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