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Nathan Outlaw from Rock cooks Grey Mullet, vegetable nage and lemon sole with crispy oyster

Two Michelin starred Nathan Outlaw from Restaurant Nathan Outlaw in Rock, and Outlaws at the Capital in London. Nathan cooks two dishes of Grey Mullet, veget...

Lamb on a spit

Mmm birthday lamb.

Paul Ainsworth, Michelin star Chef from Number 6 Padstow cooks red mullet, and pork tenderloin

Paul Ainsworth from Number 6 Padstow and Rojano's cooks two dishes at the Staff Canteen Live at The Hotel and Catering Show Bournemouth 2013. The first dish ...

Tom Kerridge, cooks mackerel with chicken bouillon and red mullet stuffed with oxtail

Two Michelin star chef, Tom Kerridge from the Hand and Flowers in Marlow was first to the stage at The Staff Canteen Live at the Hotel and Catering Show 2013...

Russell Brown from, Sienna Dorset cooks hand-rolled Pappardelle. roasted onions.

Russell Brown, Michelin-starred Chef Patron from Sienna Dorset, cooks pasta as part of the staff live demonstration at the Hotel and Catering Show 2013 at th...