Digger's Diner

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 12/11/2012 2:31:57 AM


address 1156 N Colorado Ave, Brush, CO 80723, USA
website http://www.diggersdiner.com/
phone (970) 842-4786
facebook https://www.facebook.com/Diggersdiner
twitter https://twitter.com/Diggerlady


Good food, good service, community spirit, lots of locals. May have given a 5*, but there are flies galore. They didn't swarm us somehow, but their numbers were intimidating. Would eat there again in a heartbeat.


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Colorados Biggest

Diggers Diner Features a 3 lb burger Yummy.

Thanks For Dinner @ Diggers Diner Concord

Thanks for the Dinner @ Diggers,,,,,,,,,I'm sure proud of you Chris!!!!!!!!!!! Great Family Get Together Tonight In Concord!!!!!!!!!!!!! Diggers is the place...

Monster truck ride at Digger's Diner in Grandy, NC

Video of the Monster truck ride at the Digger's Diner in Grandy, NC along hwy 158.

Having Nothing But Fun @ Diggers Diner ,Concord

In this Video ,Aaron doesent think he will be posted on You Tube !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here you go Arron !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for Dinner Chris!!!!!!!!! You and D...

big randy at diggers diner

me big randy at diggers diner in hayward. tuesday @ 6pm. its $2 burgers, fries and shakes.