Fish Tales

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I grew up in Long Island, in one of its historic & still active fishing hubs. Thruout high school and college, I worked on clam boats and lobster boats (before most of LIs lobster stock mysteriously died off suddenly during the summer of 1999) and for the top distributor of local oysters making 1am trips into the (now relocated) Fulton Fish market to (mostly) sell, and buy (a lil bit). I grew up & moved into the city,


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Fish Tales: 2011 Nike US Open

Paul Fisher goes mad on the packed sands of Huntington Beach, CA.

Fishtales + Bonds Quick Dry = ?!

Filmed during the US Open, the legendary Paul 'Fishtale' Fischer puts our new Bonds Active Quick Dry undies to the test! He hits the streets to see what punt...

Fish Tales - Discount Cinema Showcase

How To Fish Tail Braid Tutorial- Easy Fish Tail Braid

Hey guys so today I did a How to Fish tail braid Hair tutorial. This is more of like the chunky and loosed version. This is very easy to do, and I hope you a...


When Thomas takes a trip to Greece with his daughter, he expects a relaxed holiday from his troubles back home. Instead, things get complicated when he falls in love with a beautiful mermaid and battles an evil sea captain's plot to bring in the ultimate catch. Hailed by audiences as the great comedy catch of the year, Fishtales is a fun, quirky story the whole family can enjoy!