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address 1 Ferry Plz Bldg Shop, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA
phone (415) 834-9494


On my recent visit I enjoyed some of their hot chocolate which is only available during limited times...I have to say that it just wasn't for me - the chocolate was a bit "sour" tasting and didn't have the rich creaminess that I usually enjoy. It was extremely thick and literally tasted like melted 70% dark chocolate...that's probably exactly what it was, but it just wasn't for me.


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Behind the Scenes with Recchiuti Confections

Behind the Scenes with Recchiuti Confections. A trip from the SOMA kitchen to the Recchuiti confections retail store in the famous Ferry building in San Fran...

Recchiuti Confections- Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA

Michael Recciuti is an American Chocolate Icon. His creations are inspirational.

Harlem Shake - Recchiuti Home

Harlem shake fatto a casa... Ahahahahah.

lorenz presenta marica recchiuti

promo pubblicitario artistico.