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Since our move to the east side, we've been trying to find places close to home to enjoy. Fire has been fitting that bill for us with one exception - we really only enjoy sitting at the bar.


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how to cook over an open fire - without burning the food... and without stirring - my way!

warning! you should not watch this vid on an empty stomach! :D.

German Food: Fire Punch (Feuerzangenbowle)

Recipe for Feuerzangenbowle (Fire Punch) 151-Proof Rum (approximately 1 to 2 cups) Sugar Cone (available at

Food on fire - episode 1

A new series hopefully to be successfull is foods on fire! where me and my girlfriend take common household food items, and some not so household worthy, and...

Memphis house fire leaves 3yo dead, Aunt just wants FOOD STAMPS???

10-21-09 Memphis TN. The two boys were left unattended while their mother and aunt left the house to go drop off a friend. The three year old died, the two y...