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Central BBQ

This place is badass. I love Central BBQ. Way better than TOPS and the atmosphere is also top notch. The sauces are always warm and perfectly spiced. I love all the food here but usually go for the BBQ Turkey plate. I jokingly call Central BBQ the “Hippie BBQ Joint” but I mean that well… young folks that love their job making great food and providing excellent service. Anytime Im in the area (and there not a line out the door.. LOL) I try and stop and get my BBQ Fix.

Restaurant Information

-address: 2249 Central Ave, Memphis, TN 38104, USA
-website http://www.cbqmemphis.com/
-email address craigblondis@cbqmemphis.com
-phone number (901) 272-9377 phone number for Central BBQ”)

Social Media for the Central BBQ Restaurant

-facebook http://www.facebook.com/cbqmemphis
-twitter https://twitter.com/CentralBBQ

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