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Anyone who has a review here that has lowered the rating due to the price is an idiot. It is HIGHLY publicized that Arrows is expensive. You knew then when you booked - so your fault, not theirs.


YouTube Videos

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War of the Arrows

1623, the 15th year of King Gwanghaegun's reign, King's loyal servant and legendary archer, General Choi Pyong-ryang, is framed for treason and gets executed. His entire household meets the same tragic fate but his young son and daughter, Nam-yi and Ja-in, escape and flee to the safety of their father's longtime friend, Kim Mu-seon's home. The brother and sister take refuge under Kim's wing and are raised as his own. 13 years pass and Qing China carries ou.

Making Replica Medieval Arrows - Video 8

A step-by-step look at how I make 1/2" medieval-style arrows for use with a heavy poundage English Longbow. The heads shown in the video are hand forged by H...

Exploding Arrows The Breakdown: Crysis 3 - RatedRR

Exploding Arrows -- The Breakdown: Crysis 3 -- RatedRR CLICK HERE to Subscribe: Shirts Available ...

Archery How-to: Fletching Arrows

This vid shows me fletching an X7 aluminum arrow. The fletchings are Bohning X-vanes, the glue is Bohning Platinum, and the jig is a Bitzenberger.