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address 1337 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005, USA
phone (202) 567-2576


Reallllly popular place for brunch. Plan ahead! We had to wait forever to get a seat and that's waiting for birtch and barley AND churchkey...this had an open seat for us first.


YouTube Videos

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The Revels - Church Key.

With Barbara Adkins On Impact 1960 (With Thunderbird 1960 Pics)

The Centurians - Church Key

The Centurians - Church Key (Surfers' Pajama Party -1963)

Churchkey Can Co. Flat Top Beer Can

Churchkey Can co. is here to bring you a beer you can be proud in a can you can be honored to drink from. It's about the joy of drinking beer—from the people...

The Revels featuring Merrell Fankhauser -- Church Key

This video was from Merrell's TV show California Music in 1992. Church Key was The Revels biggest hit in 1960. The group reformed in 1992 with Merrell who di...