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Don't listen to Richard C. below. Chicken has always been the cheaper protein so why hatin?


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Crisp - Sia's Song (Rare)

a Sia original from when she was in the acid jazz band Crisp in 1996/1997. The track came from the album, Word and the Deal. Crisp (Musical group). WORD AND ...

Crisp [Short Film]

The day in the life of an adolescent girl. Written & Directed by Ted Ryan. Ted's feature film debut OCEAN STATE premiered at the 2011 Philadelphia Indepedent...

Crisp - Paul and his Potato Chips

Paul explores the potato chip taste sensation. This man is the connoisseur of crisps. No one knows more about fried potato!

Crispiest Apple Crisp Ever! Easy Apple Crisp Recipe with Ultra Crispy Topping

Learn how to make a Crispy Apple Crisp Recipe! - Visit for the ingredients, more ...

How to Make an Easy Apple Crisp - The Easiest Way

Sometimes an easy fall dessert is only a few apples away. In this video recipe, Amy Wisniewski from the CHOW Test Kitchen shares how to make a simple, delici...