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Dimo’s Pizza

So we had an issue with our delivery experience, but the customer service there is amazing because they handled our situation wonderfully!! They re sent out our correct order and didn’t charge us for the pizza’s and on top if it they gave us 2 vouchers for free slices next time we come in. So basically we ended up with a lot of pizza and it was great!

Restaurant Information

-address: 3463 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60657, USA
-website http://www.dimospizza.com/
-email address 3463nclark@dimospizza.com
-phone number (773) 525-4580 phone number for Dimo’s Pizza”)

Social Media for the Dimo’s Pizza Restaurant

-facebook http://www.facebook.com/dimospizza
-twitter https://twitter.com/DimosWrigley

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title: Dimo’s Pizza
description: Dimo’s Pizza Phone: (773) 525-4580 3463 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60657.

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