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address 1658 Main St, Green Bay, WI 54302, USA
phone (920) 468-4422


Kroll's East in Green Bay, Wisconsin is like Arthur Bryant's is to Kansas City or Skyline Chili is to Cincinnati. It's an experience, and it's one that shouldn't be missed. I don't get to Green Bay often but when I do, a visit to Kroll's for their famous chili and cheeseburger is a religious experience for this foodie. No, it's not high dining, but it's a predictable kind of step back into the past--1935 to be exact--and the kind of place soldiers getting ready to deploy to the middle east ask to dine at as their last meal before they leave home. It's a diner, a dive, the kind of place regular folks crave.


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The Krolls - Le Saucisson

Новый сингл франкоязычной группы The Krolls, которые уже год упорно молчали. Новый трек "Le Saucisson" - в переводе "Сосиска" - это пенся абсолютно в стиле T...

The Krolls - Kroll Rock

Live @ 100TV.

The Krolls - Umbrella (official video)

Дебютный клип группы The Krolls на редкую в их репертуаре англоязычную песню. Трек Umbrella - часть саундтрека к сериалу МАРГОША на СТС. Авторы клипа - ArtPu...