Urban Belly

created by: Rick

created on: 12/31/2012 12:50:26 PM


address 3053 North California Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618, USA
website http://www.urbanbellychicago.com
phone (773) 583-0500
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The dumplings are so good here. I want to go back and try them all. I had the soba soup, noodles are very good and I loved it. My boyfriend had the spicy rice noodles with hominy and kimchee. He really liked it and said it was even better than our fav spicy garlic ramen from Wasabi. That soup still has my heart but I like the variety of soups that they have here, so nice to have an option with seafood. The soups are HUGE, you could definitely split one between two people. I ended up taking half of mine home. If you want to sample more, I would say split a soup and get some dumplings. The rice bowls are a pretty good size too. But the dumplings were the best part of the meal for me.


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Urban Belly Dance Improvisation to the song Wolf and I

Urban Belly Dance, Improvisation to the song Wolf and I by Oh Land.... www.urbanbellydance.co.uk.