Lemongrass Cafe

created by: Rick

created on: 1/13/2013 1:22:04 AM


address 83 North King Street, Honolulu, HI 96817, USA
website http://www.pacificgatewaycenter.org
phone (808) 851-7010


We stopped by the Lemongrass Cafe for a Burmese pop-up dinner. I am Burmese by culture and I have to admit that the food was quite authentic. I was really impressed! For $20 per person, we were stuffed with delicious and healthy Burmese food. The chef was so cute. She introduced herself and explained the menu and all the ingredients. We had a great time there.


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Lemongrass - Cafe de Paris

Lemongrass - Cafe de Paris.

Lemongrass - "Cafe de Paris"

From the album "Pour l'amour" Lemongrassmusic (2008) http://www.lemongrassmusic.de.

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Lemongrass is a cafe soon to open in Baguio City, located in the Northern part of the Philippines. Check out our ArtisteConnect Page to find out how you can ...