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Ludvig’s Bistro

Ludvig’s is the best in Sitka, hands down. Excellent food, polite service, and Colette is a primo chef! It rivals downtown Seattle small restaurants, has a great atmosphere, and the food is fresh, fresh. Try the calamari - if it was prepared like this everywhere, squid would be an endangered species!

Restaurant Information

-address: 256 Katlian St, Sitka, AK 99835, USA
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-phone number (907) 966-3663 phone number for Ludvig’s Bistro”)

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title: Ludvig’s Bistro, Sitka Alaska
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title: Ryan snowboarding in Sitka.
description: My first run in AK.

title: Colette and a Wild King Salmon II
description: At Ludvig’s Bistro ( Sitka, Alaska, Chef and Owner Colette Nelson quickly fillets and prepares a fresh, not farmed salmon. This short…