Gypsy Queen

created by: Joe Foodie

created on: 4/2/2013 8:24:19 AM



I found myself looking for a quick work lunch and heard about the truck being in the area. I wanted the cone, but it was little old me, and it didn't seem office-friendly. I opted for a NY falafel pita. It was good, but a bit heavy on the tahini and cabbage. The pita was so soft and yummy, I couldn't finish it all.


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Sunrise Inc feat.Lauryn - Gypsy queen Sunrise Inc feat.Lauryn - Gypsy queen PRODUCED by Sunrise Inc [email protected] "Gyps...

April Wine - Sign of the Gypsy Queen

Video from the Nature of the Beast.

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Gypsy Queen (Quill-Tolhurst) - Country Radio 1972

Greg Quill & Country Radio (Kerryn Tolhurst - mandolin, lapsteel, guitar; John Bois - bass; Tony Bolton - drums; Chris Blanchflower - harmonica; John A. Bird...

Gypsy queen part 1 - Gypsy

1970 hit for Gypsy with Gypsy queen part 1. Written by the late singer/guitarist Enrico Rosenbaum.