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Salt and Straw

Our story is part luck, part strategy and part love (for ice cream, family, local foods, and other stuff we can’t mention here). I (Kim) have been wanting to open an ice cream scoop shop since 1996.

I thought it would be nice to have a local spot where you could run into your neighbors, celebrate with your family, reward yourself…whatever! And I love exploring fun, interesting new flavors.

After toiling away in safe mode working for several amazing Fortune 500 businesses, I moved back to Portland for love and found the window of opportunity and support that I’d been lacking to jump start my idea.

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-address: 2035 Northeast Alberta Street, Portland, OR 97211, USA
-email address
-phone number (503) 208-3867 phone number for Salt and Straw”)

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title: Bone Marrow and Smoked Cherry Ice Cream with Bourbon
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description: MERGE discovers the best ice cream you’ll ever eat and find out what owner Kim Malek and churnmaster Tyler Malek do to keep things frosty.

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description: This is to you losers who think that it is possible to make instant ice so please just make better ice with no salt and stick it in the freezer overnight.

title: Salt Fire Straw and Water = Instant Ice? True or false?
description: This is only a reply to those idiots who make the ice in an instant, well I got news for you it is better to get real ice by just putting water in the freezer.

title: Proof that water(salt)and straw do …turn ice
description: Matthew laguna.