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The Wienery

Ah The Winery, what a fantastic place! So a couple of months ago, I was out with some friends on a Friday night for a beer or two. We started at Republic. My original plan was to have two, maybe three beers and then call it a night.

Restaurant Information

-address: 414 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55454, USA
-email address
-phone number (612) 333-5798 phone number for The Wienery”)

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-no twitter available if you know it and want to help out let us know

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title: Diners Drive Ins and Dives: The wienery in Minneapolis
description: Guy goes to the Wienery

title: Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives: The Wienery
description: I don’t own copyrights.

title: March to the Wienery
description: “March to the Wienery” with Public Relations 480! And be sure to join The Wienery Street Team:

title: Live at The Wienery!
description: via YouTube Capture.

title: The Wienery, by Barbara Baldwin
description: A video story about The Wienery, a restaurant on the west bank in Minneapolis, Minnesota.