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Joe Foodie

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Top Notch Beefburgers

I ordered my all time favorite burger - the Patty Melt. I first fell in love with this burger down the street at the Walgreen’s in Evergreen Plaza. Those were the days when some Walgreen’s had a diner attached. But it was here where I became addicted and I couldn’t wait to get my fix. My family order breakfast items.

The Patty Melt (3.75 stars) was perfectly sandwiched between two grilled sliced of rye bread, two glorious slices of American cheese and the perfect amount of grilled onions. Ahhhh, heaven. The french fries weren’t that great but my main reason for coming was the burger. It was delicious, but I seem to remember it tasting better back in the days when I was a regular.

The pancakes were HUGE (4 stars). Unbelievably thick!!! My kids split a stack of three that could easily have been 6 at any other restaurant. I don’t normally like pancakes this thick, but they managed to make me a believer.

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