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Wagner’s Pharmacy

Wagner’s has been a staple for many Louisville folks for years and it is worth the trip to get some of the best biscuits and gravy around. Prices are cheap and if you like breakfast, you’re gonna love this place. The people that work there are as friendly as can be and you’ll get a perfectly cooked egg every time, any way you like it. If you go early, you will see lots of “horse people”.

That’s Kentucky speak for horse trainers, jockey, etc.. It is located right across from the famous Churchill Downs race track. Closes around 2:00 p.m. but walk in the door before 1:30p because if the staff had a busy morning, they are gonna want to go home and you waiting until 1:35 to step in for lunch is uncool. Most of the time they will never let onto that though ; ) This place is an institution.

Great place to take your kid when you are playing hookey for the day as well. They have a soda fountain so get him/her a yummy sugary soda while sharing a Pam & Jacks Omlette! Oh, and sit at the bar so you can hear the cook whistle or sing. That’s Kentucky for ya!

Restaurant Information

-address: 3113 South 4th Street, Louisville, KY 40214, USA
-website http://wagnerspharmacy.com/
-email address brenda@wagnerspharmacy.com
-phone number (502) 375-3800 phone number for Wagner’s Pharmacy”)

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-facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wagners-Pharmacy/208627355856046
-twitter https://twitter.com/WagnerPharmacy

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