The Tamale Place

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 1/16/2013 7:42:23 AM


address 5226 Rockville Road, Indianapolis, IN 46224, USA
phone (317) 248-9771


We were in the mood for some authentic Mexican cuisine, but we knew we weren't going to find that at a chain restaurant, so we took the advice of the nearly 100 reviewers and tried something new. Wow! I wasn't expecting what I received. The cashiers must have thought we were crazy ordering multiple items. No one charges $2.50 for a big taco or $3.25 for a giant tamale, right? Wrong. So incredibly wrong.


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An oral history account of Joe's Hot Tamale Place in Rosedale, MS. Barbara Pope worked alongside her brother Joe for seven years before he passed away in 200...

PDCMS Panther Band at 2010 Tamale Festival 1st Place

The Palm Desert Charter Panther Band and Color Guard win 1st place at the Tamale Festival 2010 with a 90+ point score total.