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Katz Club Diner

And I give this one….FULL HOUSE! Thank God, recently I had a lot to complain about places I have been, and I like to be a happy camper when I bother to drag myself out and spend money. (I am a bear at heart.) So, I like this place. Originally it took me a while to snoop in, as I heard it was expensive and filled with old people. (I have nothing at all against old people, but sometimes I yearn for that youthful energy!)
Also it is no more expensive than Tommy’s but you get a load of really delicious stuff for your money, and it looks a tic more elegant. I am not into fancy-fancy but if I can get it in a comfy surrounding I gladly say THANK YOU! Design is great, retro chique. Staff is funky, young sweet kids with good manners. As opposed to Tommy’s they learned how to make a nice, in fact: a great cup of tea and will gladly teach you (even if you already know) but that is fine, spread the culture! French toast, yes: eat it! Fruit, yes they have heard of it and it comes in appetizing goblets, do not ask me how but it is better washed than at most places, although I doubt they shop organic, at least you won’t overdose pesticides.
It is one of the places where I have been now several times and never made it beyond the all day breakfast, as why go stray if you already found your true love? The question is: are you fulfilled (in this case also: filled) or are you not? And I was, each time, both. So I am sure I will come back for more!

Restaurant Information

-address: 1975 Lee Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
-website http://thekatzclubdiner.com/
-email address contactus@thekatzclubdiner.com
-phone number (216) 932-3333 phone number for Katz Club Diner”)

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-facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheKatzClubDiner
-twitter https://twitter.com/katzclubdiner

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