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Captain Anderson

Capt. Anderson’s restaurant is one of those rare “family” restaurants that not only survives, but strengthens and improves through the years. The landmark waterfront restaurant is celebrating its 47th anniversary in 2014, and every year has witnessed remarkable growth without loss of quality.

The restaurant has grown to 725 seats and, six nights a week, serves over 250,000 guests during its 8 month season. Founders, Jimmy and Johnny Patronis set high standards of hard work and consistency for the younger Patronis generations, and they still pull their shifts at the busy restaurant, stopping by to welcome old friends and loyal customers… occasionally bussing a table or taking a special order. Their passion for the business is undoubtedly the root of Capt. Anderson’s success.

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-address: 5551 North Lagoon Drive Panama City Beach, FL 32408, USA
-email address
-phone number (850) 234-2225 phone number for Captain Anderson”)

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