Artisinal Foods in Las Vegas

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address 2275 E Sunset Rd Las Vegas, NV 89119
phone (702) 436-4252
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Artisanal Foods provides the world's best ingredients to restaurant chefs, self-described home gourmets and even newbie foodies who are dedicated to executing their culinary craft with only the finest tools and goods. Founded in 1998 by Brett Ottolenghi as the Truffle Market—which at the time solely sold truffles—in 2008 the store re-branded as Artisanal Foods to reflect our growing line of crafted products . (For you loyal customers who have been with us from the get-go, we proudly still sell truffles under the Truffle Market brand.) What we think sets us apart from other online food stores is the feedback we receive from the Chefs we supply on the Las Vegas Strip. When selecting our products we consider nutritional value, environmental impact, animal welfare, and the well being of our artisans. We want to move food forward by making the best ingredients available to everyone!


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